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      TEL:+0086-838-6561950  13990214031
      Welcome! Deyang Shenda machinery and Equipment Co., Ltd.

      Deyang Shenda machinery and Equipment Co., Ltd.
      Address: Sichuan. Deyang. Guanghan small Han Industrial Park
      Phone: 0838-6561950 13990214031
      Fax: 0838-6561951
      Zip code: 618304
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      ?Deyang Shengda Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 1993. It is located in Guanghan Xiao Han Industrial Park, Deyang City, Sichuan Province, China's major equipment base. It is located in the middle of the 108 line of the National Road, Deyang Guanghan, only 40 kilometers from Chengdu and only 9 kilometers from Deyang. The registered capital is 12 million 700 thousand yuan and the assets are about 30000000 yuan; the area covers an area of 38 Mu and the building area is 14490 square meters, of which the workshop area is 10790 square meters and has been built into a modern garden type factory. There are more than 200 employees, including 20 senior and intermediate technical talents, including 3 senior engineers, several engineers and senior technicians.

      Since its inception, the company has been actively exploring and keeping pace with the times and constantly expanding the field of manufacturing. It has formed an integrated machine manufacturing system such as smelting, forging, heat treatment, welding, machining, assembly and so on. It has great advantages in production progress, quality and cost control. The company has metallurgical, rolling, forging, mining Cement, power plant equipment and spare parts and other products to improve the operation and production system. Now has the annual processing capacity of mechanical products 3000T; annual heat treatment capacity 6000T; annual welding ability 3000T.


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      Tel: +86-0838-6561950 13990214031  Fax: +86-0838-6561951
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